I, I think we perhaps as amateur drivers .

What would be more satisfactory would be the introduction of the American towaway system, in which great lorries with grabs and hooks come round, and without any ado whatever, whoosh the car away from where it is illegally and improperly parked. That's a great satisfaction to everybody, it goes to a car pound, and then you have to go there and pay your sixty dollars or whatever it is to get it out. There's no souring of relations because there's no argument possible. erm The penalty is fixed, it's redeeming your car from the pound, and the traffic is enabled to go through the street in the way that the planners of the traffic system had intended. I, I absolutely agree with Geoffrey on this. I, I think we perhaps as amateur drivers and amateur policemen and amateur wardens and whatever, we don't take the double yellow lines half seriously enough, erm and I think parking generally is, is something we're very bad at and I'm an occasional sinner in this respect

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